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'Walking On Sunshine'

100% customer satisfaction.

The Dog Tuner AU has a 5-star review rating on Facebook and Google. Scroll down for a brief sample of customer feedback.


'More Than Words...'

What are customers saying?

On Facebook:

Dog Whisperer for sure! Highly recommended... - K. (Sandhurst)
Knowledgable and friendly. Had such a great time... - T. (Botanic Ridge)
Genuine care and ongoing support... - B. (Cranbourne)
More than a dog walker, he's their best friend... - KB. (Sandhurst)
Happier and calmer... Can't thank enough! - C. (Cranbourne West)

On Google:

Best dog trainer ever!!!! You won't be disappointed - C. (Cranbourne West)
Immediate improvements! - D. (Sandhurst)

On Messenger & SMS:

Loved it! - D. (Cranbourne)
Excellent teacher... very good stuff... - F. (Clyde)
Very happy... more confident... real improvements... - G. (Botanic Ridge)
Wow what a difference... so grateful to find you... - D. (Sandhurst)
Awesome! Couldn't have done it without you... - L. (Sandhurst)
the happiness dogalogue

'Australian Idols'

Previously undiscovered talents & cool new vibes!


This was a Jekyll & Hyde scenario whereby 'cute and fluffy' suddenly became 'loud and scary' when seeing other dogs, people, birds, etc.

Puppy school hadn't worked at all!

But the very first 1-on-1 training session with The Dog Tuner revealed a whole new calm and confident Daisy. Her owner had tears of joy (!!) and immense newfound pride when completing the transformation... at the dog park!

'Dexter & Betty'

SWA: Siblings With Attitude. AKA Fighty and Flighty. When out and about, Dexter (pictured) was somewhat hateful, while Betty was very fearful. Of everything. For no good reason.

Their owners had often separated on their walks and pretty much avoided everything.

The Dog Tuner got the band back together, restored the harmony and produced some of their Greatest Sits. Like: 'Don't Worry, Be Happy'.

'Winnie, Zoe & Maple'

Who needs a doorbell when you've got two shouty Spoodles? Add a third as an occasional visitor and it was an orchestra of chaos.

Enter the conductor: The Dog Tuner AU.

Their owner not only got control of her doorbell back, but her hallway, living room and all three dogs - like someone just waved a magic wand!

Only 2 sessions & they all lived happily ever after.