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"Whooo Are You?...

(Who Who, Who Who)..."

This is Matt, The Dog Tuner AU.


  1. Dogs and music are cool. And especially because...

  2. Dogs are like guitars - both can be 'tuned' to play better!

Matt has ten years of experience 'tuning' dogs, as they like his calm and easygoing personality, even more than Cat Stevens.

"Excellent. He Moves Like Jagger"- Fido, a dog. Melbourne, 2017

Matt owns a 7-year-old Labrador / Golden Retriever, has raised an English Bulldog and worked with hundreds of dogs and people. Including quite a few 'dog people'...

(Dog people are the best people)...

"Tell Me More, Tell Me More..."

Here's why customers say 'The Dog Tuner AU' is a great teacher:

  • patient, easygoing

  • explains things clearly, easy to understand, relatable

  • supportive approach

  • good sense of humour

  • fun, interesting, informative, practical. For people & dogs!

  • enjoys helping dogs & people get happy

  • honest, reliable, no extra costs, no pressure

this is THE BAND. We ROCK.

The Not-So-Motley Crew

The Dog Tuner AU is fully insured and has an impeccable safety record.
Your comfort is our priority.


a.k.a. 'The Dog Tuner' AU

& Mazzy The Wonder Dog.

(Glasses optional).

[Coming Soon]

Part-time Dog Walker

[Coming Soon]

Part-time Dog Walker