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Welcome to...

The Dog Tuner AU

Retune your dog...

Regain control.

Via your personalised, friendly, affordable, 1-on-1 mobile dog trainer.

Also available:

  • regular exercise/walking

  • holiday/workday care visits

  • aged & disability support services

  • toys, tools, training products

The Concept

Some dogs just "Rock Around The Block" & "Party Like It's 1999"...

Many need only slight adjustments (like guitars & pianos do).

The Dog Tuner AU helps people 'tune in' to their dogs.

Fine-tune your skills, knowledge, confidence, learn better 'Doglish', enjoy mutual rewards and relax!


Balanced positive reinforcement and mutual motivational training.

Including leash control, socialisation, startup puppy essentials, recall, overcoming anxiety, barking, chewing, jumping (etcetera).

Many issues can be improved quickly!

Walking & Visits

Regular exercise / activities, home care visits, or therapy support dog (as per main pic above)

types of services

"What's The Story, Morning Glory?"

MORE than training dogs to be better 'band members'.
We train people too :-)
Many customers rebook regular 'gigs' (eg. walks, visits) after completing training.
We also provide specialised visits for NDIS participants.

Training (face to face)

Your own doggy PT!

Customised Training sessions @your chosen location. Best value, specialised, fully insured sessions that ROCK! With our 5-star reviews, your dog will be the next ARIA Award winner (ARIA = Amazing Responsive Intelligent Animals!)

Training (long distance)

Online/Live Video Training

You can be located anywhere and still become 'Top Of The Pops' with our remote live video training sessions. No crowds, subscriptions, sharing or traffic. It's just you, your dog/s & the trainer.

Regular / Ongoing or Temporary

General Walking etc.

Sometimes life is "spinning around", you're "working like a dog", or you're on "Holiday Road". We can visit / walk / exercise your furry friends in your absence, in safe & familiar areas close to your home and in almost any weather!

Training Aid (or) Aged & Disability

Specialised Services

Meet 9-year-old 'Mazzy Star', the best support dog ever!

Whether assisting other dogs & owners to learn new things, giving confidence and motivation to the community, or just hugs to the needy - she's always golden!


"This is how we do it"

Working WITH dogs, not against.

Rather than confuse, control or complicate, we keep it simple, smart, friendly and fun. Anyone of any age or background can understand and relate to our easy instructions, so that all dogs and people come together, understand each other and achieve stereophonic harmony.

Learn positive change via the 3 C's: Calmness | Confidence | Control. New knowledge, timing & techniques, to help make better choices. Common goals are reached via mutually agreed, tuned-in pathways.

You'll learn how and when to advise your dog, recognise their body language, exchange silent communication and correction techniques and ultimately be their leader. And they'll love and respect you for it.

  • Example 1

    'Twiggy' - 4 y.o. Poodle - pulled and barked on walks, jumped on people, always flighty and fighty at passing pedestrians, neighbours, even the doorbell! Her owners hated walking her and even dreaded answering their own front door.

    With only 90 minutes of training, Twiggy became much less defensive, respected people's personal spaces (including all the doors) and let her owners walk THEIR way, not Twiggy's!

  • Example 2

    'Raja' - 2 y.o. Kelpie - always hunting, prowling, overwhelmed by his surroundings. His anxiety also made him loud, unsettled and destructive at home. Raja was like an untamed lion, and life was a confusing cycle of turmoil.

    After only two sessions, Raja went from "Eye of the Tiger" to "Don't Worry, Be Happy". He'd learnt relaxation, self-control, trust. Now other animals, people and noise = Nirvana!


"Can't Buy Me Love"

(Unless you're a dog)

If our services were an album, it'd be "all killa and no filler".
High quality, lower budget: YOU get MORE for less! No upfront payments. Real. Authentic. (Like early Beatles, Stones, Beck, Nirvana... with dogs).
Achieve goals quickly at the lowest possible cost.
Because, like most dogs, we just want to please you!
Training / Problem-Solving


  • Leash, Recall, Jumping, Barking, etc

  • 1-on-1 training at your location

  • OR: via remote live video sessions

  • Pricing varies by circumstances

"Start Me Up!"  
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